Our Story

EVE and ADAM 2.0 is a luxury personalised clothing brand that represents the evolution of the original "Adam and Eve" story. Version 2.0 is dedicated to individuality, embracing uniqueness, empowering all to a better world.
Founders also believe that just as the original story brought a new humanity representation, EVE and ADAM 2.0 brings an all-new online experience.

Adding a 3D Web Configurator, customers can easily create garments that suit their unique style. To provide a more immersive and even more interactive online experience, all happens in a 360º store. Therefore, clothing production is done at the same proportion of the sales, avoiding mass production and making the brand environmentally conscious.

EVE and ADAM 2.0 is more than just a fashion brand.
It's the new inception, a new online shopping method where every purchase is unique to empower customers to control their style and express themselves.